The Need for CASAs

When the court is making decisions that will affect a child’s future, the child needs and deserves a spokesperson—an objective adult to provide independent information about the best interests of the child. Obviously, other parties in the case are concerned about the child, yet they also have other interests. A CASA Volunteer is the only person in the case whose sole concern is the best interest of the child. CASA Volunteers are assigned to one or two cases at a time to provide a “voice in court” for the child. CASA Volunteers give individual attention to each case.

An abused or neglected child has come from a world of chaos and instability. For the child, there is fear; fear of being hurt; fear of being alone and fear about the future. For children who are in out-of-home placements (usually foster care which should only be a temporary situation), there can be many changes in schools and homes before a decision is made on where the child should live. A CASA Volunteer can be the sole source of stability and comfort to fill an enormous void in the child’s life. A CASA is a trusted, dependable adult who doesn’t go away and who gives the child hope for a better future.